We offer various roofing services to both industrial and commercial properties. Providing new installations, repairs, refurbishment or dilapidation restoration to the following roofing systems.


Profiled cladding

This is one of the most common system, where the sheeting is fixed to the steel structure of buildings. There are various profiles, materials and colours available making your vision possible


Overlay cladding system

In this system, the original roof is left untouched providing weather protection and minimal disruption to your business, whilst spacer bars are fitted in preparation to installing your desired sheet profile. This system also gives the opportunity to put in place additional insulation, reducing heat loss and making it more cost effective in the long run.


Roof-light refurbishment and replacement

Roof lights are a cost-effective way of lighting your building. They can come in various materials and profiles. Over time these roof lights weather and require cleaning or they can become damaged and this is when leaks can occur.


We can either replace any damaged roof light and ensure any leaks are fixed or just give them a clean if they are not beyond repair.

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